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Sun Pishu, Chairman & CEO
The emergence of smart cities is redefining people’s lifestyle and the way available resources are utilized. Nowadays, the transformation of smart cities is trending with the integration of IoT and cloud technologies to enhance public safety, control and prevention of risks and smart infrastructure development. Despite this transformative push, city planners are bogged with certain challenges— inefficient integration of urban management with insufficient system integration such as narrow coverage video surveillance systems, lack of emergency response, and unavailability of large scale city video platform. “We overcome these technological issues with our fully integrated smart city solutions through application architecture and advanced cloud computing infrastructure,” begins Sun Pishu, Chairman and CEO, Inspur Group.

Inspur, headquartered in Jinan, China, provides the entire hardware as well as software infrastructure and applications that are needed for smart cities with total solutions at IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS levels. Inspur’s Safe City Monitoring Solution ties HD smart card system, GPS, HD e-police system, Participated Geographic Information System (PGIS), public security, and road monitoring system together to ensure safer and smart¬er city architecture. This solution is capable of surveilling a vast number of people to detect criminals and terrorists through video monitoring and alarm notification in key areas of the cities. “Our smart IT system expertise provides real-time information through video cameras, sensors, and other sensing devices to send and receive outcomes thus enabling a safer city environment to the public and government,” states Pishu.

Inspur offers not only smart city solutions but also cloud computing, Integrated Data Center (IDC), High Performance Computing (HPC) and Big Data solutions to various sectors like education, taxation, government, and digital media through e-service. The firm renders exceptional IT assistance to its clients and is one of the few companies that are capable of providing total IT solutions at large scale.

We provide the entire hardware as well as software infrastructure and applications that are needed for smart cities with total solutions at IaaS, PaaS and SaaS levels

“We stay ahead of the competition by incorporating high-end smart city solutions all over the world. Our extensive IT portfolio comprises of Mas¬sive Storage Systems, Converged Infrastructure Blade Servers, Rackscale servers, Modular Datacenter Containers and Cloud Computing OS which made us a leading IT service provider in smart city arena,” explains Pishu.

Inspur with its array of IT solutions focuses on incorporating a smarter and safer city infrastructure through eliminating all kinds of security risks and threats. For instance, the Shandong Police was in need of a suitable surveillance solution to detect suspicious activities and people who are not following the public rules. After Inspur implemented its smart tracking solution, the Shandong Police was able to monitor people in crowded places and detect illegal parking. It was also enabled to notice the people disobeying traffic rules, throwing sundries through city and suburban virtualization checkpoint. The Shandong police department was able to ensure safer environment to the public with the assistance of Inspur’s HD e-police solutions.

At present, Inspur is the Top 5 largest server manufacturer worldwide and Top 1 in China and also the largest cloud computing and HPC solutions provider in China. Currently Inspur is investing primarily in Cloud Computing technologies and Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) technologies. It has launched a Data Center and Cloud Solutions subsidiary in USA in October 2015. “Our aim is to expand aggressively across the globe in 2016, targeting the USA market as first priority,” concludes Pishu.

Inspur Group Co. Ltd

Jinan, Shandong, China

Sun Pishu, Chairman & CEO

Delivers total IT solutions with GPS and PGIS based software services to promote a safer smart city environment

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