RedstoneConnect [LON:REDS]: Directing the Future of the Smart World

Keith Jump, CTO
The developments made in IoT, devices, and software development have caused a shift in the outlook of building owners, who are turning their attention to accelerating investments in smart solutions. The need to digitally transform is now becoming a critical factor in providing effective space utilization, energy efficiency, sustainability, and increasing occupant satisfaction. Aimed at directing the future of the smart world, RedstoneConnect [LON:REDS] develops and harnesses smart technology, to create truly connected environments and smart solutions for buildings and spaces, as part of smart cities. The company’s software and tailored infrastructure enable a building’s operational technology to be integrated into a single software platform through innovative software solutions for maximum efficiency. “We achieve great results for our customers through a user-centric design approach. Our relationships with customers are about solutions that work not only today but work tomorrow and into the future as well,” comments Keith Jump, CTO of RedstoneConnect.

RedstoneConnect’s OneSpace product is changing the game in user engagement and management of smart workspaces while delivering utilization and occupancy data for real-estate customers. With a user-centric design, the solution enables clients to understand their buildings’ space and occupancy of rooms by analyzing the data collated by RedstoneConnect’s sensors. The company’s data intelligence predictively analyzes environments and behavioral patterns of people to understand the smart spaces required within a building, delivering seamless interactions and frictionless journeys for users across different locations. This gives customers valuable information about their real-estate, enabling them to reduce costs while driving user engagement and supporting employee wellbeing strategies. The OneSpace application suite enables customers to make better use of their real estate either at a building or portfolio level, by integrating with the very fabric of the building envelope, workplace, user, and environment.

Our relationships with customers are about solutions that work not only today but work tomorrow and into the future as well

“The key is the connected strategy, enabling us to utilize and enhance the power of data while playing a key role in the ecosystem that supports a city or buildings in it,” says Jump.

The OneSpace application suite delivers real-world benefits to customers from financial to pharma to global sporting event companies and retailers. In one instance, an international media and events company, UBM, required flexibility for growth, however, given the London property prices, they did not want to waste money on space they were not going to use. UBM approached RedstoneConnect to help them set up their new premises. UBM used OneSpace to measure, analyze, and optimize how their staff use areas across multiple offices in real time. The insights gained allowed UBM to rationalize seven floors of expensive real estate into six, generating an annual return through sub-letting of nearly $20 million over 15 years, along with associated savings through space and energy usage.

One area of growth for RedstoneConnect’s services is the demand to make commercial real estate more efficient and effective by bringing systems, people, and processes together. This can directly improve convenience and deliver a personalized experience for end users—shaping the workplace of the future. “At our core, we are about connecting people to their environment through technology and creating a holistic, end-to-end connected journey for everyone. We provide data intelligence through smart technology, which creates asset value for our customers and their employees,” concludes Jump.

RedstoneConnect [LON:REDS]

London, UK

Keith Jump, CTO

Develops and harnesses smart technology to create connected environments and smart solutions for buildings and spaces, as part of smart cities

RedstoneConnect [LON:REDS]