Top 20 Smart City Solution Companies - 2021

Top 20 Smart City Solution Companies - 2021

    Top Smart City Solution Companies

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    Econsult Solutions, Inc. (ESI) is an urban economics consulting firm that combines the academic and practitioner experience to deliver cutting-edge models. These models can explain the economic value, RoI, and efficiency of smart city solutions for a city, both for improving government and economic performance. Having worked with the government closely throughout their careers, ESI’s experts completely understand the budgetary pressures, the decision-making processes, and the concerns city leaders may have while choosing a smart city solution and integrating it into their policies

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    LocoMobi World is a parking and transportation technology company designing cloud-based software solutions and enterprise hardware for smart city projects. Equipped with proprietary technology like intelligent license plate recognition (LPR) system and a patented location-based mobile payment solution, LocoMobi World is transforming vehicular as well as human mobility within cities in innovative ways. LocoMobi World’s flagship SaaS cloud portal WorldStream integrates with mobile pay stations and LPR cameras to provide real-time insights into toll revenue collections, operational parameters of parking equipment, vehicular traffic volume, and customer statistics