Empower your Forte by Hiring Experts with Conspicuous Talents
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Empower your Forte by Hiring Experts with Conspicuous Talents

Guy Brassard, SVP ITS & Global CIO, Southwire
Guy Brassard, SVP ITS & Global CIO, Southwire

Guy Brassard, SVP ITS & Global CIO, Southwire

In today’s business era, led by modern superlative  technologies, Cable industry is witnessing a big shift in methodology of  doing business in addition to inception of new challenges, and opportunities to thrive for. Global ERPs, Mobility, BYOD, Big  data, and Analytics are proving to be key driving factors in ensuring the competitive edge besides increasing the corporate  efficiencies. Today, mergers and acquisitions have also  turned prominent in the corporate world as this innovative form of  refurbishing comes with massive number of advantages such as enhancing performance and cost efficiency, strengthening the  business network and cementing the  company’s root in overcrowded market. With this on-going trend, business leaders have to learn the dynamics of transformation and harmonizing process to adequately address the challenges of integration. They have  to maintain their focus towards keeping their business on the trot, manage the existing market and customers, and keeping the old legacy system in place, meanwhile searching and implementing the new trends as well. Mobility is playing an eminent role  in normalizing the aforementioned process with its ability to synchronize all clients, employees and customers together.

IT has expanded to a new horizon in the current paradigm with its escalating potential to transform the industrial landscape. To make a successful dent in this market, corporate leaders have to empower their forte by hiring experts with conspicuous  talents who can comprehend  trends, technologies and their respective implementation.Collaboration and productive knowledge  of legacy applications are also vital and imperative elements to continue to succeed in the unprecedented antagonism.

Think Big and Start Small

Thinking big but starting with small steps is a resilient way to craft balance between integrating technology and legacy  requirement. It has enabled leaders and companies to maintain equilibrium around the legacy architectures and numerous trends emerging from the sources. We are in the period of change, where from dynamics of business to customer expectations,  everything is  changing continuously. It is therefore imperative to keep frequent reviews, assessments and adjustment in  motion in starting phase before hopping onto next phase. Maintaining robust communication and keeping the flexibility intact, also plays vital role in thriving in the current market condition. At Southwire, we encourage our IT folks to gain  experience of doing business outside, thus making them grow along with the organization and making them adaptive to our  business environment. (As told to ThomGuy Brassard son Antony)

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