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Ivan Teh, CEO & Managing Director
United Nations World Urbanization Prospects, 2014 reveals that 54 percent of the world population dwells in urban areas. And with rapid changes due to globalization, this proportion is swelling as more and more people are shifting to cities in search of economic opportunities. However, these movements have generated various complications like overcrowding, traffic congestion, and pollution, which demands attention. “Municipal authorities, developers and operators must ensure that their infrastructure and public services are resilient to these risks,” says Ivan Teh, Fusionex CEO and Managing Director. In this scenario, Fusionex assists development authorities, city councils, and developers in efficient urban planning and governance to provide basic services for citizens. Believing that smart cities meet these challenges head-on, and are an ideal platform for effective and sustainable urban growth, the company delivers big data analytics (BDA) solutions for smart cities.

Smart cities can be conceptualized as four interconnected networks—Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of People (IoP), Internet of Services (IoS), Internet of Data (IoD), which fuels staggering amount of data in these cities. By analyzing the vast quantities of information in these networks, city stakeholders can use predictive analytics to promptly adjust city resources and infrastructure to meet the needs of citizens and businesses. “Understanding what is required for smart cities requires information that is often hidden within voluminous amounts of data; efficient big data analytics (BDA) systems are able to not only cope with this torrent of information but also yield the necessary foresight for actions to be taken,” cites Teh. As a provider of smart city solutions with expertise in the IoT, advanced (predictive and prescriptive)/ big data analytics, data science, and big data, Fusionex works on smart city systems across the globe. Fusionex leverages BDA as the fundamental building blocks to provide smart cities solutions, utilizing data from multiple sources for in-depth analysis with an efficient and user-friendly approach.

BDA software makes it possible to process and integrate large volumes of data to discover insights and support better decision-making. Further, predictive and prescriptive analytics as well as data science capabilities in BDA software are essential for the efficient functioning of smart cities.

Efficient big data analytics systems are able to not only cope with the torrent of information that requires analysis for Smart Cities, but also yield the necessary foresight for actions to be taken

Fusionex advises local development authorities and city stakeholders on the creation of master plans for smart cities covering essential elements including infrastructure, systems, and technology.

Fusionex has developed Fusionex Insights (GIANT)—a scalable, easy-to-use and quickly deployable BDA solution that realizes the needs of tomorrow. GIANT possesses predictive analytics and data science capabilities and functions as the central point of the IoT, integrating various components like Hadoop PostgreSQL to provide easily understandable output for the resolution of smart city challenges. The intelligence data management platform of GIANT enables city managers and stakeholders to collect and consolidate data, conduct requisite analysis, and respond quickly to rapidly-developing occurrences or emergencies. Though GIANT offers a potent data processing module—Integration for power users with programming knowledge, it also allows non-technical users to distil data into insights using a simple wizard-driven interface via its intelliview module.

Fusionex GIANT allows for flexible deployment and integration on any environment and server platform. The solution incorporates pre-built templates for smart city implementation in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, transportation and utilities. Fusionex acts as a smart city consultant, creating a more holistic offering that sets it apart from other smart city specialists.

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Ivan Teh, CEO & Managing Director

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