SmartWAVE Technologies: Empowering Wireless Networks for Smart Cities

Wireless networks serve as the catalyst between mobile and cloud technologies within smart cities to enhance communication. Even in the world of the Internet of Things (IoT), which encompasses numerous frequencies and bandwidths, wireless technologies enable innovators to forge solutions that energize communication networks. One such innovator—SmartWAVE Technologies— designs, develops, and maintains integrated wireless solutions to address the growing needs of smart cities, communities, social networks, campuses, and IoT configurations, in turn, assisting clientsto identify the right technology to meet their application needs.

“Working with various user groups, we encourage clients to identify and nurture applications that make communication easier, efficient, and safe,” begins Al Brown, President and CEO of SmartWAVE Technologies. By bundling a multitude of professional services within the cloud platform, the company has come up with a solution that provides network management and data analytics to support different communication strategies. The company’s skill sets allow CIOs to ‘unburden’ themselves of the expense of RF and network engineers, installation technicians, and field service agents. Through bundling professional services with SmartWAVE’s cloud-based control platform, Smart Cities are provided with a substantial reduction in the operational cost for their networks, providing access to problem-specific expertise, thereby adding intrinsic value to customer goals. “Our clients rely on us to be their point of expertise for various wireless network configurations. We understand our client’s unique requirements and identify the specific technologies and frequencies necessary to build a successful, and sustainable infrastructure,” adds Brown.

SmartWAVE has taken up numerous smart city, smart campus, and public network projects, addressing discrete requirements of outdoor and indoor environments. The company also specializes in the deployment and management of IoT devices for smart cities, which in turn, leverage data analytics and actionable insights to provide significant return on investments for taxpayers. Along with these configurations, SmartWAVE has developed a wide array of skill sets for the implementation and management of networks such as LTE, WiFi mesh, microwave networks, and SCADA networks.

A recent collaboration with the City of San Jose in the Silicon Valley—a place where the cost of connectivity is very high compared to the cost of living—showcases SmartWAVE’s expertise in the implementation of such wireless networks.

Working with various user groups, we encourage clients to identify and nurture applications that make communication easier, efficient, and safe

The East Side Union High School District (ESUHSD) had limited connectivity to affordable broadband. Students were unable to take lessons online after school and had to succumb to either falling behind in the curriculum or travel to places with adequate coverage. This predicament raised safety concerns among parents and school staff. Partnering with the city of San Jose and ESUHSD, SmartWAVE deployed a broadband network, thereby providing students access to the Internet after school hours in the comfort of their homes. A similar network was installed in Council Bluffs, Iowa, where the company planned, designed, and installed a wireless network for the people who could not afford broadband. With these two city projects alone, more than 50,000 clients obtained access to theInternet. Likewise, the company’s expertise extends to a diverse range of smart city applications such as parking meters, credit card authorization, parking guidance signs, automated meter reading for traffic signals, and video surveillance networks.

The company’s solution allows cities to reduce the operational cost through the transformation of wireless local area networks (WLANs) into Community Area Networks, and thereby maximizing the return of available financial resources for the betterment of cities. “The moment we enter into an engagement with a city, we recognize their requirements and prerequisites and partner with them to transform their operations,” adds Brown. Through its ingenious implementation methodology and the ability to churn out maximum efficiency from the available infrastructure, SmartWAVE serves as an enabler of a safer, cleaner, and more robust infrastructure for Smart Cities.

SmartWAVE Technologies

Atlanta, GA

Al Brown, President & CEO

Designs and develops wireless networks and IoT configurations for smart cities, campuses, communities, and social networks

SmartWAVE Technologies