Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (ALE): The Smart City Architect

Michael See, CTO of Network Business Division
Technology advancements are transforming traditional megacities into smart cities that use digital tools and data to enhance the quality of life of their citizens. Governments worldwide are dedicating significant investment into smart city initiatives to design improved communication infrastructure and implement digital tools that can bring a multitude of services, including health and education, to the doorstep of every citizen.

However, the pursuit of such a futuristic city is by no means an easy one—especially when we consider the sophisticated technologies concerning its development. Further, with numerous devices connected to the city infrastructure, smart city initiatives are inflicted with concerns around the security of sensitive information. Also, building hyper-connectivity is a cost-intensive process, especially for budget-constrained governments. They need to ensure that public investments are well utilized at every step.

Overcoming all these challenges, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (ALE) empowers governments to build resilient smart cities of the future.

"We deliver solutions that connect people, objects, machines, and processes, allowing smart cities to ensure positive outcomes and experiences for its citizens," says Michael See, CTO Network Business Division, ALE. ALE's solutions enable connectivity across the city with wired and wireless networks, communication platforms, and workflow integration with business processes.

ALE's workflow automation platforms are based on open standards. As a result, they can be easily integrated with other business processes. "We interoperate with many different types of systems and devices to create an autonomous network and address the needs of smart city deployments," mentions See. Also, ALE's IoT-enabled LAN and WLAN solutions cover all the city network requirements and provide secure and automated IoT onboarding. The company ensures secure deployment with multiple layers of security as a part of the solution while enforcing role-based and zero-trust access control policies to keep cities safe from the bad actors.

A smart city is open all the time; when there is an incident, or a maintenance need, connecting the relevant groups of people to respond and mobilizing the support structure must be done quickly and efficiently. ALE's Rainbow CPaaS solutions are built to address these requirements. The solution can manage triggers from different sources and build scenario-based services. This is made possible with its workflow capabilities that leverage communication methods to mobilize, inform, and update different teams automatically. In a recent example, ALE partnered with RaveMobile Safety to build a range of solutions that will expand mass notification capabilities for Rave's customers by incorporating a broad spectrum of communication and IoT technologies.

We deliver solutions that connect people, objects, machines, and processes, allowing smart cities to ensure positive outcomes and experiences for its citizens

The integration of ALE's Rainbow cloud communications platform with the Rave platform enhances the safety for customers by significantly expanding the range of communication capabilities and devices—including desktops, PBX systems, IP and digital phones, SIP devices, and IP enabled intelligent devices and sensors.

What enables ALE to drive many such projects toward success is its ability to understand every client's unique requirements and leverage its networking, communications, and cloud offerings to architect a solution that can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid mode. "We leverage internally developed network, communications, and cloud portfolios and a wide ecosystem of partners that complement our solutions," See mentions. ALE's networking solutions enable consistent operations across wired and Wi-Fi solutions while offering a single pane of glass for management. This leads to a lower TCO, reducing training, operation, and maintenance costs. More importantly, ALE packages all its networking and cloud communication products in a subscription model to help clients obviate large capital expenditures.

ALE continues to invest in sharpening its network, communications, and cloud solution portfolios to further bolster secure connectivity for smart cities. The company is focusing on the OmniSwitch and OmniAccess Stellar WLAN portfolios with functionality important to smart city deployments, including the security of the network infrastructure, expanded use of PoE, network telemetry, Wi-Fi6E, and additional ruggedized products. ALE is also focusing on using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to enable cities to better leverage data collected from the network infrastructure and communication applications. This will help deliver improved services by better managing the network infrastructure and automatically remediating issues. "ALE is one of the very few vendors that provide voice, network and cloud technologies including CPaaS. We are in the smart city stage now, when technology takes the next evolution by fully utilizing ML/AI, it will be about intelligent cities," See concludes.

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Calabasas, CA

Michael See, CTO of Network Business Division

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