Top 20 Smart City Solution Companies - 2019

Smart Cities will undergo a significant re-think in 2019 and will continue to evolve in 2020. As smartphones reach peak saturation and the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes a regular part of our lives, the smart city movement will spread to small towns and rural communities as the technologies that drive it grow more self-contained. Engineers worldwide are turning to new technology ‐ such as the Cyber-Physical Systems, 5G, and data analytics searching for new approaches and solutions that will improve city transportation, water, and waste management, energy usage, and a host of other infrastructure issues that underpin the operation of cities and the lifestyle of urban citizens.

Smart city leaders will seek to decentralize data centers, technologies, and decision making for a more human-centric approach to serving citizens. There will be a growing need for instant interoperability among devices and platforms as the IoT connects more diverse technologies to ever-growing network fabrics. As community-wide Wi-Fi and IoT technologies become commonplace and affordable, there will be widespread deployment of low-cost structures (like community-wide networks of sensors and cameras) to improve safety and response times.

Cloud computing has had a significant influence on the development of smart cities, affecting the way cities manage and deliver services and enabling a broader set of players to enter the smart city market. Smart cities, by their very nature, generate significant amounts of data in their daily operations. Coupled with technologies like Hadoop/HDFS, Spark, Hive, and a plethora of proprietary tools, it is now possible for cities to harness big data and analytical tools to improve the efficiency of city operations and services. There is a strong drive toward more intuitive processes, including the increased use of machine learning to gather and analyze a community’s data by moving away from traditional networking to more intuitive, software-defined WAN (SD-WAN), Cisco DNA for Cities, and intent-based networking.

Companies have traditionally built out specific, siloed applications like surveillance cameras, smart lighting or traffic sensors, but in 2019 they will start to adopt a longer view and think about building a necessary infrastructure to support all smart city applications. The advent of 5G networks will not only bring faster speeds but also much denser small cell deployments due to distance limitations with millimeter wave technology and ultra-low latency applications at the edge. 5G will foster new smart city applications like parking, smart meters, public safety (surveillance cameras), traffic management, 5G small cell densification, waste management, and coordination of departments for emergency services.

Smart city technology spending reached $80 billion in 2016 and is expected to grow to $135 billion by 2021, according to a report from the International Data Corporation (IDC). Cities will succeed if they invest in developing a smart city roadmap and strategy tailored to best address their priorities, or use cases and allow for a smart city to scale. This will require a high level of innovating thinking and collaboration between different agencies, service providers, procurement/contracts offices, and community stakeholders.

This edition of CIOReview features companies that are at the forefront of offering smart city solutions. CIOReview’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted some of the most prominent organizations in the industry such as Verra Mobility, Transit Wireless, Miller Electric Company, Kastle, Innovative Technology Holdings, and AppFusions. We present to you – “20 Most Promising Smart City Solution Providers – 2019”.

    Top Smart City technology Companies

  • 1

    Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise offers connectivity and technology services to help bind clients, IT professionals, business operations, and executives in the digital world. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise provides networking and connectivity that work for people, applications, or clients from a workplace, the cloud, or in combination. A legacy of creativity and product loyalty has made ALE an integral supplier of business networking, messaging, and services to more than 830,000 customers internationally. With vast resources and regional focus, ALE operates under the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise label in more than 50 countries

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    AppFusions brings together people, data, processes, artificial intelligence (AI), business intelligence (BI), and applications into one platform—AlohaCloud. The company integrates siloed smart city data via its flagship product, AlohaCloud, which provides multi-persona dynamic, real-time collaborative digital experiences to its users. At the core of AlohaCloud platform is the AppSpokes framework, developed by AppFusions. The AppSpokes framework resolves interface and interoperability issues related to legacy systems and unites internal enterprise applications with AlohaCloud platform. AlohaCloud embeds its AppSpokes technology to provide integrated accessibility to citizens who lack the knowledge and resources to access necessary technology and data

  • 3

    Chordant is enthusiastic about technology and a methodology based on standards that promote urban communities that prosper. Chordant-powered technologies address the fundamental issues of implementations in Smart City. The Chordant system gives synergy to various devices, software, and products like a seamless sequence of letters and numbers. Chordant produced one of the most significant initiatives in Smart City, integrating hundreds of transportation data sources into a transportation data market. Established in 2017, Chordant's Smart city alternatives have been identified and recognized by industry experts and leading analyst firms

  • 4

    ITH a smart city solution provider is on a mission to help municipalities, cities, and utility companies understand the value of their real estate possession and ways to monetize the same. The company is successful in integrating various smart city applications and services with its connected community pole infrastructure. The connected community pole allows the owner of the pole structure deploy the newest smart technology around the entire link of the pole inside it while maintaining the aesthetics

  • 5

    Kastle provides innovative security systems with open-standards and interoperability that are purpose-built for smart city ecosystems. The company’s open-standards approach enables Kastle’s modern security technology to be retrofitted over older existing infrastructure to empower advanced performance such as making it possible for analog cameras to transfer images digitally to the cloud, and smartphone-based access credentials to provide seamless handsfree access across multiple buildings with a hodgepodge of old access control hardware and software. This interoperability also facilitates integration of physical access control with broader smart building systems such as tying identity access rights to smart elevator delivery scheduling

  • 6

    Established in 1997, MetroQuest is a public engagement software that is optimized for actionable outcomes. The company empowers planning firms and agencies of all sizes to engage hundreds of people across a broad demographic while achieving quantifiable data and actionable results in support of their investment and planning decisions. The company’s software is utilized by people to gain knowledge about sophisticated projects and to provide informed input. The effectiveness and quality of this data is a crucial element to the success of public engagement initiatives, and have a long term effect on agency plans, and their investment decisions. MetroQuest is offered as a SaaS providing with subscription-based licensing

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    Miller Electric, founded in 1928 by Henry G. Miller, with its dedicated team of professionals, and by partnering with the industry’s leading engineers, manufacturers, and distributors, provides innovative solutions and quality service to develop a higher standard of living. Whether governments are planning a new build, modernizing an existing facility, maintaining infrastructure, or looking to improve a city's energy efficiency, Miller Electric gives them the support and power to succeed. With a deep understanding of the best technology solutions available in the market in any industry, Miller Electric strives to extend those solutions to solve the challenges faced by the governments

  • 8

    Transit Wireless designs, builds, finances, operates, and maintains wireless communications infrastructure to connect people, bring value to communities, and advance the economies for smart cities. The company operates in a public-private partnership model to foster wider network connectivity without impacting the taxpayer’s money and assumes all the responsibilities to ensure that it operates or performs at the expected level. Transit Wireless aggregates anonymous data from Wi-Fi network usage to understand traffic patterns, thereby empowering the transit authority, city, businesses, or brands to address the public demands through personalized services. In addition, Transit Wireless also monetizes its network and shares a portion of the generated revenue back to the transit operator

  • 9

    The company offers municipalities, utilities, and broadband service providers a cost effective and expandable platform for deploying Smart City services. The plug and play network of Ubicquia has the ability to turn any street light into a multi-function router that supports a growing list of services that include advanced lighting controls, public WiFi, and the connection to 3rd party sensors including air quality monitors and surveillance cameras. Advanced light control, environmental monitoring, connectivity, internet of things, industrial internet of things, and security, telecommunications are the solutions provided by the company. The company leverage more than 360M compatible streetlights to deploy smart city, broadband and small cell services

  • 10

    Verra Mobility (“Verra Mobility” or the “Company”), the leading provider of tech-enabled smart transportation solutions Verra Mobility is a global leader in smart mobility, serving the world's largest commercial fleets and rental car companies in managing tolling transactions and violations for more than 8.5 million vehicles and operating more than 4,000 red-light, speed, and school bus stop arm safety cameras. Verra Mobility maintains its leadership position in the marketplace through meaningful scale and has demonstrated consistent revenue growth underscored by its differentiated transaction processing model

  • 11

    All Traffic Solutions

    All Traffic Solutions

    All Traffic Solutions aims to fundamentally change intelligent parking, traffic management and traffic monitoring with cloud-based wired radar speed signs, dynamic message boards, and parking checking systems. All the groundbreaking Traffic Solutions TraffiCloudTM and ParkingCloud solutions are changing the way intelligent cities address their most challenging parking, traffic and mobility problems by empowering them to handle both their traffic devices and information securely and conveniently, as well as improving traffic safety, streamlining their services, reducing costs and delivering lasting results. All Traffic Solutions has been a revolutionary pioneer in the design of mobile road signs since 1999

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    HTS (Hi-Tech Solutions) is a professional manufacturer and distributor of OCR and specialized LPR applications for a range of uses, focusing on automobile and cargo ID identification. HTS develops and establishes long-term collaborations focused on brand quality, support, and creativity, not only to meet their needs but to achieve success. Created in 1992, HTS sets the bar for supplying value-added automotive information for revenue management, optimization, and safety applications. HTS is known throughout the world for LPR tests with high precision, performance in harsh weather environments, and an "above and beyond" customer service mentality

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    Founded in 2001, IntegraPark is a software solutions company. The company, with its years of experience in accounting, parking, and programming, build software that is convenient to use, full-featured, and auditable. The software of the company focuses on maximizing revenues and reducing labor. Its software integrates with other systems like garage control systems and general ledgers, and also offers visibility and accountability to parking management. The parking professionals highly depend on the enterprise’s systems for providing the information, audit trails, and integrations they require to handle revenue and control costs

  • 14

    IOT Billing Solutions

    IOT Billing Solutions

    Established in 1994, IoT Billing International is the international arm of Select Software Solutions- the owners of the Selcomm Enterprise Suite. It is a privately held company based in Sunnyvale. Carriers and Operators, Utilities, Sub-network Providers, Property Developers and Managers, Subscription and Data Providers, and Non-Carrier Networks are the customers of IOT Billing Solutions. The solutions provided by the company are Rating and Billing, Device Management, Sales and Orders, and CRM. IoT Billing also enables new types of business models by creating new revenue streams for MVNOs, Utilities, Carriers, and many other businesses

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    Link Labs

    Link Labs

    Link Labs leverages multiple technologies to make your connectivity solution work seamlessly indoors, outdoors, and on the road. Based in Annapolis, Maryland, Link Labs is a veteran-owned business full of engineers who served the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, and telecommunications industry. The company builds an ecosystem of modules that allow devices and people to connect at unparalleled distance and reliability. Solutions powered by the company are Area Asset Tracking, Industrial IoT Monitoring, Inventory Management & Monitoring, and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Integration. Link Labs has customers around the world and powers a range of IoT applications across industries, including smart cities, agriculture, building controls, automotive, healthcare, government, defense, retail, and utilities

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    Headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka Mindteck is a software engineering and technology solutions company devoted to delivering knowledge that matters to help clients compete, innovate and propel forward along the digital continuum. Since its establishment in 1991, the company's clientele has included top-tier Fortune thousand companies, start-ups, leading universities, and government entities. Industries served include Medical Device, Analytical Instrument, Storage, Semiconductor, Energy and Utilities, and Insurance. The solutions offered by the company are Product Engineering, IT Services, Cloud, Data Analytics, Testing, Digital Services, Internet of Things, Robotic Process Automation, Storage, Analytical Instruments, Semiconductors, Insurance, Smart Cities, Medical Device, and Energy and Utilities

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    Proterra is a pioneer in developing and producing zero-emission heavy-duty buses, allowing bus fleet operators to minimize operating costs dramatically while providing safe, quiet transit to local communities throughout North America. Through over 675 vehicles sold in 40 U.S. states and Canadian districts to 90 separate civic, school, airline, federal, and commercial transit agencies, Proterra is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art, strong-performance vehicles to meet today's increasing market desire. The configurable Catalyst system of the organization is qualified to serve almost every transit route's maximum regular mileage requirements on a single charge

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    Sierra Wireless

    Sierra Wireless

    Established in 1993, Sierra Wireless is a provider of wireless wide are modem solutions for the rugged mobile, mobile computing, and M2M markets. The company develops and markets wireless modems for mobile computers, built-in modules for OEMs, and fixed and mobile wireless data solutions for commercial, industrial, and public safety applications. Its mobile computing products are utilized for enabling high-speed wireless access to an array of applications. The company also offers different product development and integration support services which involve hardware and software integration, platform RF testing and optimization, mobile operator certification, regulatory approvals, sales, and technical support training, and project management

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    The company is acquired by Johnson Controls 2018. The company empowers the consumers to shift expensive and intricate security infrastructure to the cloud with the Tyco cloud. Tyco cloud helps in managing, supporting, and tracking video surveillance and accessing control from one simple interface. Besides, it empowers users to get status in real-time to address problems before it is too late. Users can see a complete surveillance system and click on any camera or gateway to view details and troubleshoot instantly. It also allows users to track and report on bandwidth use, recorded video playback, live video viewing, cloud storage, cloud uploads, and much more. Its Hyper View feature allows searching through video up to 100 cameras in 60 seconds at the same time

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    A Chicago based privately held company Xaqt creates products that transform how organizations and governments use their data. Since 2015, Xaqt's unique approach to data intelligence and collaboration allows cities and companies to utilize their data as a powerful enabler for growth and partnership. Smart City, Urban Analytics, Data Science, Integrated Intelligence, Data Analysis, Open Source Data, and Innovative Solutions are the solutions offered by the company. Xaqt believes that with data and the right technology, individuals and collectives can solve complex issues and change the world for the better